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Bytter Steel Belt In 9-feet Siempelkamp PB line

Guangxi Gaofeng Guishan Artificial Board Co., Ltd. is located in the Wood Processing and Distribution Center Park of Babu District, Hezhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The registered capital is 80 million yuan, the total fixed asset value is 330 million yuan, covers an area of 400 acres, and the annual design production capacity is 220000 cubic meters. It was jointly established by Guangxi Huafeng Forestry Co., Ltd. and Guangxi state-owned Daguishan Forest Farm.


The company's main production equipment and processes are imported from Germany's Siempelkamp Company, Germany's Perlmann Company, Italy's Imas Company, and the United States' MEC Company. The main raw materials are forestry "three leftovers", which can produce particleboard (PB) with a thickness of 8-40mm, a standard width of 1220mm * 2745mm, and a special width. The product specifications can meet the user's "order style" needs. The products are mainly used in manufacturing enterprises such as furniture, architecture, decoration, and mechanical packaging.


The company relies on the rich raw material resources of Daguishan Forest Farm and the advanced artificial board production technology and experience of Guangxi Huafeng Forestry Co., Ltd., and strives to build a well-known particle board manufacturer and product brand in Guangxi region.

At the beginning of 2023, Guangxi Gaofeng Guishan Artificial Board Co., Ltd., after multiple comparisons, chose Bytter Technology as the supplier of the main component of the press - steel belt. This is the second collaboration between Guangxi Forest Industry and Guangxi Gaolin Forestry Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangxi Forest Industry in 2022. The selection of Bytter this time is due to the approval, recognition, and trust of the leaders of Guangxi Gaofeng Guishan Company on the research and development, production, and manufacturing capabilities of Bytter steel belt after investigation. After the project contract is signed, the steel belt will be delivered to the customer in advance.

On April 11, 2023, Bytter Technology provided installation services for the steel belt supplied by Siempelkamp 9-foot particleboard press for Guangxi Gaofeng Guishan Artificial Board Co., Ltd. Throughout the entire service process, communication with customers was sufficient, service preparation work was sufficient, and the service implementation process was safe, efficient, and professional, allowing customers to fully feel the professionalism of Bytter in the field of artificial panel press and steel belt.



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