• VRG Dongwha steel belt successfully installed and operated

    Recently, VRG Dongwha purchased a continuous press steel belt for MDF from Bytter Company. After a day of continuous hard work, it was successfully installed and operated on the Siempelkamp eight foot density board press. The surface of the board was smooth and flat, and the various indicators of the press were running well, receiving praise from customers.We will continue to track the operation of the project and do a good job in customer service.

  • Warm congratulations on the successful signing of the contract between Pakistan ZRK Group and Bytter Technology

    Recently, the renowned Pakistani wood-based panel manufacturer ZRK Group successfully signed a contract with Bytter Technology to collaborate and jointly sign a contract for the procurement of two eight-foot steel belts.This order is for two eight-foot steel belts with a length of over 70 meters, provided by Bytter Steel Belt, to be used in the Dieffenbacher wide format thin plate production line, mainly producing 2-18mm density boards with a maximum operating speed of 1500mm/s and an annual pro

  • Bytter Steel Belt In 9-feet Siempelkamp PB line

    Guangxi Gaofeng Guishan Artificial Board Co., Ltd. is located in the Wood Processing and Distribution Center Park of Babu District, Hezhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The registered capital is 80 million yuan, the total fixed asset value is 330 million yuan, covers an area of 400 acres, and the annual design production capacity is 220000 cubic meters. It was jointly established by Guangxi Huafeng Forestry Co., Ltd. and Guangxi state-owned Daguishan Forest Farm.The company's main




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